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What’s in your bag?

Januar 25, 2009


So, what’s really in your bag? I enjoy the flickr pool with the cool shots of purses filled with exclusive makeup and tech-stuff, big books and stylish water bottles..but is that really what you carry around everyday?

With me it is often parts and prints of an unfinished project, the sketchbook of course, my mp3 player tangled in earphones, cinnamon chewing gum, handkerchiefs (if i am lucky), my keys, stuff for my lenses, chapstick, various pens, my watch, my mobile (sometimes), my Gameboy and a book. If i had a late night i might also carry a thermos with tea.

What i should carry with me but never do: my camera, the mail i need to post, paperwork for the school, the book i borrowed from a friend (my first Pratchett!!yes, i am reluctant to let it go..), overdue library books, a bag for grocery shopping, a toothbrush (i hate not having one – good job, mum), and the classic: the umbrella 🙂

What about you?

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