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Juni 4, 2009


One of the main things about being a designer is to wrap your head around something utterly new to you and keep learning about it until you are able to communicate the main points of it through your design.

So our Typography Professor Nora Gummert-Hauser offered a module last semester: editorial design with a side dish of interdisciplinary collaboration at our university. There are 12 different subjects you can study at my university. But we know only few things about the others. Such a shame.
My team chose to learn about home economics, „Ökotrophologie“ in German. We met up with students and professors and were allowed to tag along on their field trips to schools where the children don’t get healthy food.

The goal was not only to learn about them, but also (of course!) to layout a brochure about one of their projects. And to do it right. For example: why shouldn’t you do the infographics about food and eating with actual food, heh?

(you can find the whole thing  here, scroll down to the bottom to „4.3) Wie funktioniert die Zertifizierung der Schulverpflegung? „)

Once you dive into the subject of how nutrition effects your mood, it puts a whole new light on violence in schools. it really does. Humanity is three meals away from war, Tim always says.


I hugely benefited from this project, learned more about the famous „thinking outside the box“, Teamwork, InDesign and got familiar with my Wacom and also learned how different designers are from the rest of the world. And i drink more water now and try to always carry an apple – in case i get hungry 🙂


stay healthy 🙂 and be well,


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  1. Juni 5, 2009 5:25 pm

    woha, i really like the result. just skipped through the pdf. really really well done. like the implementation of pictures as graphs, colors, illustrations. cool!

  2. claracharlotte permalink*
    Juni 5, 2009 5:27 pm

    thank you, Niklas ! 🙂 das gibt Schwung für neue Projekte

  3. Jenny Roethe-Ritzenhoff permalink
    Juni 5, 2009 6:14 pm

    I like it , too! Though it would help to hold it in my hands…

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