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Juni 17, 2009

The Underground Art School has an open call for submissions. Topic : Back to the Basics of creativity.
This got me thinking… What are the basics ?
And what is the opposite of creativity – death? Stagnation ? Bureaucracy ? Repetition ? No movement, surely.. and passivity. Monotony?

What Un-creativity most certainly is lacking is: play. 🙂
So here is what i came up with: the core of my creative process is play.
I like to see where the line takes me. I enjoy the devil-may-care approach. Whenever i’m too shy to be radical the result is mediocre.
Trying unusual things, failing beautifully, rarely suceeding. Yes, yes, i know how that sounds.

But it might be a quick sketch just for fun or an elaborate layout that i have to build using an existing grid. – everything could happen on that page. Hell, even with harsh restrictions the possibilities are endless and i love that. (I also hate that sometimes, because there is just no end to it and sometimes i don’t know when to stop..) Sometimes you get lucky and magic happens. Sometimes nothing happens.
It’s always new and exciting. I hope that never stops.

* * *

The drawing was inspired by a song by the local band Painter Green „My hand is missing yours“ – obviously a love song, but i kept thinking of my favourite pen..what a big nerd am i, heh? 😉

Pen, if you are reading this: i love you. my hand really is missing yours. Let’s paint the town red tonight!

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  1. Juni 17, 2009 9:52 am

    Hej babe. why are you so sentimental all of a sudden? We\’ve been together for months now! But, what the hell: I\’m ready to go out tonight. Not sure the red paint will work out, though.

  2. claracharlotte permalink*
    Juni 17, 2009 10:05 am

    *laughs* aww..that\’s awesome

  3. Jagjeet permalink
    Juni 17, 2009 11:05 am

    Very Interesting. 🙂

    J Singh__

  4. claracharlotte permalink*
    Juni 17, 2009 11:13 am

    thank you, JJ 🙂 so..what’s your creativity like ? What drives you, architect-man?

  5. claracharlotte permalink*
    Juni 19, 2009 11:43 am

    I had a dream that the underground art school emailed me, to tell me that i should draw a bunny and a donkey instead. because that is what the people want to see. huh! 🙂

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