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i’m having way too much fun with this..

Oktober 5, 2009


thanks to twitter and michael nobbs this project caught my attention: Mail Me Art 2
Since i already had lots of fun with the concept while drawing for Minisprech and was looking for an excuse to get out my  Acryl colours..i made several mail-able pieces. This is one of them. Not knowing where to start i cut a square out of the cardboard and started from there. I guess because i had just seen several videos of Blu and the stopmotion magic, i drew some teeth. And the cardboard became a hungry lady. But the really interesting thing happened after that..i played..boy did i have fun

Foto 248


Foto 194






so there is that. please comment if you have experienced joy over stupid small things too 🙂 and of course i want to see you and your square-hole-lady-card, too !

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