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hanging out with the Schuhu

Januar 11, 2010

Oh, hello. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂 Yes, i’m still alive. I’m afraid i’m spending most of my time with my illustration projects and doing my best to produce satisfactory typography..*sigh* The picture above shows me and the magical creature „Schuhu“, from the modern fairy tale by Peter Hacks. In my interpretation the Schuhu is an owl with shoes for wings and he can do anything. He falls in love with a rather flighty young princess (portrayed as a butterfly) and fights against and eventually reunites two kings (bananas).
This project is special to me, as i like the story very much. Also, i have been working on it for a while and i enjoy how the (thankfully very patient) professor who teaches me, helped me push this project forward, when i wanted to settle for mediocrity. Thanks for that. I’m hoping to finish the book this week. Keep your fingers crossed.

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