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Januar 29, 2010

I spent the last three weeks, redesigning an old project from 2007: bookcover design.
I had started to redesign it several times but never finished it. It’s such fun, who would want to finish something like that? I have read all the books i had to design for. („No, no, this is not for pleasure! I’m not taking a break. It’s for my assignment, really!“) It was awesome, also because i read stuff i normally wouldn’t have touched  (like the biography of Van Gogh or a haunting crime story by Costin Wagner).
Now i’m done. I loved this project. It’s been a great ride. Thank you.

Further reading suggestions, typos and other mistakes i made – i’d love to hear all. Don’t be shy 🙂

below you can see me reading 🙂

i wrote texts for every book, giving a short summary and my impressions while reading it and why i chose a certain image for the cover and so on.

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