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Guerilla knitting

Oktober 9, 2011

Guerilla knitting is just the thing to do when autumn hits the city. Warm wolly things that keep your cold hands busy while you are sitting with a cup of tea and listen to the whole album of that band you like (and not just skip through the songs randomly). Then you venture out, out into the city and find that spot that is in need of some colour and drape your creation around it. There!

And it will endure harsh weather and not peel, like a paper streetart sticker maybe would. It may put a smile on passers-by, it definitely will remind you of that nice afternoon.

I have always loved guerilla knitting. I love seeing it, love how tactile it is and how indestructible. I am rubbish at knitting though. (Mum: „Clara, whatever you are doing to this wool makes it cling together..but…sorry.. this is not knitting! Let me show it to you once again..“).

I was traveling for a jobinterview in Wiesbaden and had lunch in one of my favourite places there when i noticed the flyer advertising a big guerilla knitting campaign in Wiesbaden. Delighted, i saw that the knitting would take place in the very venue i was sipping my coffee at! I got to talking to the women that were setting up the knitting space and they were just lovely and encouraged me to get over my but-i’m-rubbish-at-knitting-fear. The „Wiesbaden Knäuelt“ project has been set up by an Event Agency that has set out to improve the city (as a location of industry, as a social business city). Nice pro-active approach, guys! (But please turn off that music on your homepage.)

So i picked up bright orange wool and remembered what a digital native does, when she wants to learn something.

And voilà, the orange square is enroute to Wiesbaden to be part of the big event (on November the 5th!) – you can still send something. The address is on their facebook page. Happy knitting!

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