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things organized neatly

März 1, 2012

Over christmas I found a treasure in my old room. A big plastic bag full of old stamps that my grandfather had collected over the years for goodwill. Still attached to bits of envelope or  postcards.

Inhaling the smell of old paper, I dove in and discovered quite a few remarkable pieces.
But soon I was no longer browsing through philatelistic specimen, but trying to piece together stories. Who wrote to my grandparents from Guatemala? My father maybe? Was that my grannys handwriting on the back of the envelope?

I also noticed the very pretty insides of the envelopes: thin paper lining the heavy duty envelope paper. fancy! I love the patterns and arranged a few squares to scan them. Yes, being a graphic designer changes your view of the world.

Also, I have recently spent a lot of time over on things organized neatly (which is just a pleasure to look at).

This past week I spent some of my spare time with the postcard fragments. Not really a puzzle fan myself, i tried to piece together some landscapes and I like the weird result. I hope we never stop sending postcards. Getting mail is wonderful

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  1. Petra Roethe permalink
    März 1, 2012 3:27 pm

    Go on…
    there are still more stamps and postcards here!
    I like it and Your grandfather would have liked it too!

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