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Guerilla knitting

Oktober 9, 2011

Guerilla knitting is just the thing to do when autumn hits the city. Warm wolly things that keep your cold hands busy while you are sitting with a cup of tea and listen to the whole album of that band you like (and not just skip through the songs randomly). Then you venture out, out into the city and find that spot that is in need of some colour and drape your creation around it. There!

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Recycled Creativity Festival

September 29, 2011

Last weekend i was in Berlin to attend the Recycled Creativity festival. It was amazing. Weiterlesen …

fruit stickers

September 22, 2011

My hobbies, part one. I do collect fruit stickers and keep them in a stamp collecting album. I arrange them by colour, beauty or typographical amazingness. Weiterlesen …

music + x = labor

September 18, 2011

Another kikai release i had the honour to work on is his new album „labor“. Since i know Marius likes his coffee, but also drinks up music with an intensity only a musician is capable of, i have had this picture in my mind for quite a while. So, last week i just went with it. Now i only wish i had dried the inside of the coffeemaker pot properly.. Weiterlesen …

guerilla origami

August 31, 2011

here for your approval,  another addition to the streetart toolkit: guerilla origami

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Junior Designer

März 28, 2011

Can’t really show you my workplace, as i have not yet taken a picture. But i can show you the cute dog that runs around here from time to time :). I really enjoy the work and coming out of job-searching-hibernation did wonders for my creativity. so many ideas! I jot them all down in a messy moleskine for later when i may have time (great ideas for hot chocolate packaging). I also like, how i can’t stop my layout-eye when i walk out in the evening: i am still resizing all the elements of a poster that i come across, thinking about different typefaces and checking if the spacing is nice.. yes, i like my work.

Mašta Logo Redesign

Januar 5, 2011

the Mašta Magazine is a zine for creative activism and created by bright young people from all over the world – you can find out more and also participate on http://www.mastazine.net

They are currently redesigning the Logo (we have our best girls from Macedonia and Scotland on it) and i submitted my ideas earlier this week. It was a lot of fun scribbling ideas and making stuff in illustrator. I do love to think up new (and adeaquate) visual representation of something cool.
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